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Frequently Asked Questions


What's the fastest way to get a passport?

There are mainly 2 ways of getting a passport faster than the routine expedited service that the government offers. The first option is through a 3rd party courier service such as ours. Right now the quickest turnaround time is between 4 - 7 business days. The second option is by getting an appointment through the U.S. Department of State to receive it in person. However, appointments are very limited and they are given 1-2 days before a person's date of international travel. Appointment locations can vary depending on availability and may even be given out of state. 


How do you apply for a passport?

Here at our office we can help you apply for your new passport through our application assistance service, by having one of our passport application specialists fill out all of the necessary paperwork for you. They will also make sure you have all the correct documents to go along with the application, and will answer any questions you may have. We'll also take your passport picture for you, and then direct you towards an acceptance facility where you can submit your paperwork without needing an appointment ahead of time.

By using our application assistance service, you are ensuring that everything is being done correctly in order to prevent any hold ups that may delay your passport application. You can also rest assured that we are helping you to apply in the fastest and most efficient way, so that you may receive your passport as quickly as possible.


How do I get an appointment for passport?

The most common way of scheduling an appointment to get your passport (for new passport applicants) would be through a U.S. postal office by going to Appointment availability depends on where you live, but they usually need to be scheduled weeks in advance. For customers who come into our office to get their passport photos taken or to have us complete their application paperwork for them application assistance service, will be provided with the locations of passport acceptance facilities that do not require an appointment to be made in order to submit their documents. If you are interested in receiving passport application assistance call us at (512) 537-6826.


How do I check my application status?

You can check your application status by going to A person's application status usually shows up around 2 weeks after the date that they submitted their passport application in person, or through our office.


Where can I apply for a passport?

New Passport Applicants: You must apply for your passport at a Passport Acceptance Facility. These are local government offices such as libraries, post offices, or county clerk offices. Minors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by their legal guardians. Most acceptance facilities require an appointment to be made prior to your visitation, however, customers that wish to use our application assistance service are given the locations of all the acceptance facilities in the Central Texas area that do not require an appointment. If you're a first time passport applicant and are not using a rushed expedited service, you have the option of coming to our office so that you may receive assistance from one of our passport application experts (see “blank”). (If interested in receiving your passport sooner than 4-6 weeks see ”blank” section)

Passport Renewals: Passports that were valid for 10 years and have not been expired for more than 5 years can be renewed directly through our office. You can choose from a variety of services depending on how quickly you'd like to receive your passport. (If interested in receiving a rushed passport, see “blank”)


How much does it cost to get a passport?

The price you pay for your passport depends on how quickly you wish to receive it. See “fee chart'' for a breakdown of government fees. Note: Government fees are separate from our fees.


How quickly can I get a passport?

The fastest expedited service available at the moment would be our 5 - 7 day service. See “blank” for more information.


What documents do I need to apply for a passport?

New passport applicants are required to submit an original birth certificate, a copy of a valid form of ID, and if there has been a name change, an original or certified copy of marriage certificate or court document that reflects there has been a name change. Minor applicants are also required to provide copies of both their parents' valid ID’s along with the rest of their documents. 

Passport Renewals only require that the applicants previous passport be submitted along with the application paperwork.


How do I renew my passport?

You can renew your passport by coming into our office and having one of our passport experts handle everything for you from the application paperwork to passport photos. All you have to do is sign the application and wait to receive your passport at your home address.


Can I renew my children's passport?

Only adult passports that were valid for 10 years, and have not been expired for more than 5 years are able to be renewed. We offer application assistance services for those interested in obtaining a new passport for their child. See “blank”.


How long does a passport last?

For adults (16 years or older) PAssports last 10 years, and for minors younger than 16 years, passports are valid for 5 years.

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